Authorities Are Baffled

Authorities Are Baffled Picture

Authorities Are Baffled, 1993
Temporary Neon Installation, Burning Man
115 Feet by 80 Feet by 6 Inches
Black Rock Desert, Gerlach, Nevada

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Photo Later at Night Below

Authorities Are Baffled Dark Picture

This was the first Neon Crop Circle I ever created. It was astonishing to me how the people at the event took over the piece. I had thought of it mostly as a visual piece. The people thought of it as a participatory piece. They walked its circumference. They danced in the red circle. The hugged over the blue corners. They sang, chanted, kissed, jumped and ran. It was a revelation to me how much power a piece of artwork could have.

Two Shots Of The Work Under Construction

Authorites Are Baffled Daylight

Authorities Under Construction

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