A Maze Book

A Maze Book Picture

A Maze Book, 2000
Neon, Carved Arcylic Sheet, Wood, Circuit Board, Toy Mazes
14 inches by 22 inches by 7 inches (closed)
14 inches by 22 inches by 18 inches (open).
Edition of 4

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Photo of Cover & Spine Details Below

A Maze Book Detail Picture

The labyrinth cut through the front cover may very well be the primal labyrinth. It is found throughout the world, from 5000 years ago to the present.
The inside front cover is a pavement labyrinth from St. Quentin Cathedral in France.
The 1st page is a turf maze from Pimperne in England. It was destroyed in 1730.
The 2nd page is a turf maze in Saffron Walden in England which still exists.
The inside back cover is the pavement labyrinth from Chartres Cathedral in France.
The back cover is a printed circuit board, surely the modern labyrinth.

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