A Counting Book

A Counting Book Picture

A Counting Book, 1994
Neon, Carved Arcylic Sheet, Calculators, Slide Rules, Abacus, Rulers
14 inches by 17 inches by 4 inches (closed)
14 inches by 17 inches by 16 inches (open).
Edition of 5

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The covers of the book are made up of calculating devices which range from the ancient (the abacus), to the modern (the slide rule), to the contemporary (the calculators).
The equations on the pages of the counting book are three of the basic equations from the scientific theorems which underpin our modern understanding of the universe
The inside front cover or page one is a calculus function that illustrates entropy
The upper equation on the inside back cover or page two is Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.
The lower equation on the inside back cover is a version of Einstein’s famous E = mc2 formula.

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